Hair & Scalp Treatment (Folt)

  • What it is for

    • Helps to reduce hair loss
    • Promotes natural growth
    • Strengthens the hair

    The hair and scalp treatment is based on the synergistic action of the following active ingredients:

    - A mixture of polysaccharides extracted from different types of brown algae (Fucus Vesiculosus and Ascophyllum Nodosum). Thanks to its revitalizing and strengthening action, it promotes thick, healthy and strong hair. Moreover, it normalizes the life cycle of hair, thus reducing hair loss, encouraging natural hair growth and restoring the natural balance of the scalp.

    - Cassia Alata plant leaves extract, rich in a natural protective ingredient (K3OS). It protects both the scalp and the hair from:
    Environmental Stress, Oxidative Stress, UV Radiation, Premature Ageing.

    Nourishing Biomineral Complex: Extracted from algae (Asparagopsis Armata, Himanthalia elongata, Undaria Pinnatifida), the complex is rich in mineral salts (calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc). It remineralizes and promotes the natural well-being of the scalp and their hair shaft.

    Capillia LongaPPF: A new generation of Phyto-Peptidic Fractions™ from Curcuma Longa, a well-known plant with antioxidant and regenerative properties.

    Each treatment pack allows for one (1) month - approximately - of treatment.

    Clinically tested and backed by over 50 clinical studies. Made in Italy.


    Size: 100ml in 12 vials

    Collections: For Body, Hair/Scalp, Antiageing



    Use the treatment at the first signs of weakening or thinning hair.

    Attack Phase: One (1) vial every other day for 8 weeks.

    Maintenance Phase: 2 vials per week for 6 weeks. The duration of the treatment depends on the results obtained. The treatment should be repeated at least twice a year 5-6 months apart.