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About Us 

Brand Story


Kin Mun Clinic is proud of its heritage.

Founded in 1969 in Toa Payoh, Dr Victor Wee started off as a general practitioner clinic in the heartlands serving people from the neighbourhood and beyond. Over the decades, we have become known for skincare treatment, particularly acne treatment for youth.


More than 50 years later, Kin Mun Clinic has a reputation primarily for aesthetics and skincare. One thing that remains true is our unwavering commitment to changing lives for the better and helping people see their value. We believe that everyone is uniquely beautiful.

With our skincare solutions and deep devotion to our clients, Kin Mun Clinic wants to be part of your transformation journey. We don’t want you to just look better; we want you to be happy with who you are, so you can step out confidently, spread your light and fulfil your life goals.


Why Choose Us


Since 1969, Kin Mun Clinic has been passionate about total well-being, as reflected in our name 健民 (jian/kin = healthy; min/mun = people). We strive to always deliver excellent outcomes by combining carefully curated products and treatments, with a dedication to bring out the best in our clients.


Kin Mun Clinic’s range of medical-grade treatments and products were conceived from the painstaking research and innovation of our founder Dr. Victor Wee, combining his interest in aesthetics with his medical expertise. Today, our products and programmes continue to enjoy a reputation in Singapore and to enhance people’s lives.

Besides customising solutions for best client outcomes, Kin Mun Clinic strives to provide an unparalleled service experience to everyone who walks through our doors. We recognise that the self-improvement journey is not always a smooth one, but we will be there with you, every step of the way, to cheer you on and remind you that you are worth it.


Our Team
What Beauty Means to Us


Beauty exists in everyone, even if we sometimes don’t see it yet. Often it all starts with what’s inside.

Even though our doctors and therapists have over 200 years of collective experience in skincare products and treatments, we don’t think beauty is only skin-deep. True beauty comes from within.

While treating and finding skin solutions for our dear clients, we always encourage them to love and accept themselves, not because we want you to merely feel better, but to become the best version of yourself.

We believe that if you are comfortable with who you are - sometimes it begins by forgiving ourselves! – you would naturally radiate kindness and positivity, and your inner beauty will shine through your skin.


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