About us


Kin Mun Clinic is proud of its heritage. Founded in 1969 by Dr Victor Wee Sip Leong, Kin Mun Clinic has helped tens of thousands of patients achieve their aesthetic aspirations.


Passionate for visible progress and driven by details, Kin Mun’s team of doctors put your needs first by applying a two-step approach, Educate and Enhance. 


Our Team at Kin Mun Clinic focuses on the Education of our patients so that the patients have the fullest understanding of their treatments, and thus, make the best decision for the future of their skin.  We also Enhance our treatments by keeping up with the latest in aesthetics technology and abreast with the latest medical breakthroughs.


Kin Mun Clinic’s commitment is captured by the availability of a wide range of skincare products so that patients can be equipped to take control of the future of their skin.


From Lasers to Light-based treatments, our doctors will tailor the optimal treatment for your specific needs.  Kin Mun is best known for the treatment for Acne, and has treated thousands of cases.  No two cases are identical, but we feel confident about our experience to treat you uniquely.


About our Products and Procedures


The right make-up will not only bring out the best in you, but also treat your skin in the best way.  Years of research and development have cumulated in a partnership between Kin Mun Clinic and one of the best mineral based skincare ranges in the world.  Discover our stunning range of gorgeous bases that makes your skin healthier the longer you use it.  When you look good, you feel good.


Our confidence to deliver visible results has stood the test of time, and we look forward to partnering with you to achieve your personal beauty goals.




Strategically located in Toa Payoh Central, a stone’s throw from Toa Payoh Central and amidst ample parking, Kin Mun Clinic understands your need to minimize waiting and travelling and return to your lifestyle as soon as possible.  At Kin Mun Clinic, our spa-inspired treatment rooms help you forget your worries and focus on recharging.


Our Philosophy


Our philosophy towards beauty is all encompassing.  At Kin Mun Clinic we seek to achieve beyond the skin, we seek to achieve the glow of confidence and poise. At Kin Mun Clinic, we have assembled a spectrum of services to move you closer to your desired complexion and health. Over the decades, we have assisted tens of thousands of patients from all over the world move on from pockets of fats, the effects of acne, stubborn pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines and moles.


Kin Mun Clinic is constantly seeking the ideal balance between world-class medical treatment, friendly service and affordability for all.


We are proud to be an Aesthetic Clinic with a Heartland Soul.