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Moles, Skin Tags and other Blemishes

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Skin tags

blemishes treatment
blemishes treatment

Types of Blemishes


These dark spots show up on our faces or body. Some are flat, some raised.


Removing them is easy; painless too, since the anesthesia numbs the area.

Skin Tags

These are growths of skin that emerge, mostly occurring on the neck, body, armpit and near the eyes. They occur more frequently as we age. Besides being unsightly, they sometimes feel sensitive and even painful when touched.  

Removable is straight-forward and normally leave no scars.

Xanthelasma and Syringoma

These are raised patches around the eyes each with their distinct characteristics.

Since they are around the eyes which are the first place we look when we interact, they tend to be more prominent.

Normally they are removed easily, with good final results.

They tend to recur over time, and can then be removed again.

Viral warts

Some warts look like moles. If examined closely and you see a rough top, it is a viral wart.  As the name suggests, it is caused by a virus. They tend to occur on the torso, neck or armpits.


These can be removed by electrosurgery in the same way as the other blemishes mentioned on this page. 

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