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Hair Loss


Thinning at your scalp?  Upset with all that hair collecting in the shower trap?  Worry about having a bald patch on your crown or a receding hairline? Your hair-parting used to be a fine line, but has grown wider these days?  


Whether you are male or female, hair loss and slowing down of follicular regrowth can happen at a range of ages, depending on several factors including genes, stress and hormones.  Hair loss issues are made worse by poor nutrition, strong treatments and, of course, age.

Grey or white hair can be coloured.  But little hair or no hair: the only cover up is a wig.  Few of us are prepared for that if we can help it.

The good news is that falling and thinning hair can be reversed if treated early. 

Even before getting professional help with a doctor, there are a number of things you can start doing.  First of all, you can start by eating a balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.  Avoid tight hairstyles like ponytails.  Avoid habitual twisting and rubbing of the hair.  Be gentle with washing and brushing.  Minimise or avoid strong treatments such as perms and hot rollers.  The chemicals and pulling do not help hair loss. 

Get help with a doctor who treats hair loss.  Seeing baby hair re-growing where it didn't seem likely before - some people call it a miracle. Whether you are 25, 45 or 65, the important thing is to get started quickly. At some point, follicular activity in a bald patch dies and reactivating becomes difficult, if not impossible.

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