AHA Solution, Gentle Exfoliant for Acne, Oily Skin

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    AHA Solution Gentle Exfoliant is a key product in Kin Mun Clinic's program for acne treatment and maintenance of clear skin. 

    History of AHA and Why it Works

    Fruit acids for good complexion have existed since the time of Cleopatra. This famous queen used lactic acid (found in sour milk) and tartaric acid (found in wine) to give herself mild chemical peels for her legendary smooth skin.

    This practice continued through the Middle Ages. Modern scientists now know that sour milk and wine also contain alpha hydroxy acids, AHA, which are used at varying strengths today according to whether they are used in an in-clinic chemical peel or for daily home application.

    Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are often derived from organic sugars. They work as chemical exfoliants, gently stimulating a non-visible sloughing off of the stratum corneum outermost layer.  Connections between dead skin cells are broken-down  making it easier to remove those cells. In the process, pores are regularly cleared of potential or existing clogs that can lead to pimple-formation.

    Decades of research, development and clinical studies have led to effective, predictable and safe outcomes for daily use in even the most sensitive skins. The experience of the institution administering the AHA makes a difference in positive outcomes. At KMC we have been working with AHAs for over 20 years.

    Contains Glycolic Acid 8% 

    Size: 15ml, 30ml, 60ml
    Collections: Guys Favourites, Pimples/Acne


    Use twice a day or as directed.