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1 box of 30 caplets

Crystal Tomato® Whitening Supplement

PriceFrom $187.40
    Improves skin quality: skin becomes smoother, with a healthier texture
    Lightens and evens out skin tone
    Reduces collagen degradation
    Prevents premature skin ageing
    Enhances biomolecules
    Enhances and protects the effects of sunscreen
    Promotes skin radiance and increases suppleness

    Protects against UVA and UVB damage
    Has anti-inflammatory properties
    Protects against environmental stress and free radicals
    Prevents DNA damage from oxidative stress
    Inhibits melanin synthesis
    Reduces skin dryness
    Diminishes existing melasma and hyperpigmentation


    Crystal Tomato® carotenoids are antioxidants that prevent the formation of free radicals and prolong the longevity of cell DNA. As an anti-inflammatory, they protect skin from premature ageing caused by sun exposure.

    In the right doses, the supplement absorbs ultraviolet radiation UVA/UVB damage, lightens hyperpigmentation, and produces a more even skin tone.

    It also inhibits the production of melanin, preventing more pigmentation from forming while working to improve existing melasma spots.

    A randomised, double-blind study conducted at National Skin Centre in Singapore on individuals with melasma highlights the potency of Crystal Tomato Whitening Supplement.

    When used in tandem with Skin Clarity Cream, significant improvements were achieved after only 56 days. Improvements further increased to over 50% after 84 days.

    These results were published in the peer-reviewed US Journal of Pigmentary Disorders, making Crystal Tomato Whitening Supplement the only skin whitening supplement proven effective by clinical trial.


  • Directions:

    Take one caplet of Crystal Tomato® Whitening Supplement once a day. It may be taken at any time, day or night, before food or after food. It is recommended to take daily at a regular time (i.e. if a caplet is taken in the morning on the first day, try to follow the same sequence the following days).

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