PHA Lotion, Regenerating Oily/Combination, Sensitive Skin

  • Designed for young and/or sensitive skin, PHA Lotion is the antidote to keeping pores clog-free.  PHA Lotion prevents the dulling of the skin by a regular safe, healthy regeneration of skin. Superior moisturising and calming properties for delicate skin, gets you closer to your goal of clear skin to self-confidence.


    PHA Lotion gently keeps pores free from clogs to prevent whiteheads, blackheads and pimples using lactobionic acid, glyceryl stearate, vitamin E and meadowfoam seed oil. A key player in acne control for very dry, sensitive skin. Perfect as part of an anti-ageing regimen due to antioxidants and enhanced hydrating properties. Made in USA.


    Directions: Apply twice a day as directed.


    Sizes: Trial (15ml), Regular (30ml), Economy (60ml)
    Collections: Pimples/Acne, Sensitive Skin

    Use twice a day.


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