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Soap-Free Cleanser

PriceFrom $17.44
  • Sensitive skin needs gentle treatment. If you have eczema, are recovering from a chemical peel or laser treatment, this is an ideal product for cleansing the face.

    A gentle cleanser for sensitive, dry or healing skin. Fragrance-free, moisturising, soothing. The KMC Soap-free Cleanser is skin-care that sensitive skin can trust for daily use.

    Non-foam wash for cleansing skin that is dry, sensitive, easily
    red or itchy. A soothing companion for skin recovering from skin treatments such as lasers and peels.

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  • General Directions:

    Apply cleanser to the skin and rub gently. Rinse. Use twice a day.

    Doctor Approved Customized Directions:

    Book an appointment now to get expert advice for your skin.

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