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Skin Booster Treatment  

Skin Boosters Singapore | Kin Mun ClinicBeautiful Young Woman with Clean Fresh S

Why do a Skin Booster Treatment? 

In a word: Hydration!

The visible signs of ageing on your skin include an increase in dark spots, wrinkles and loss of volume. In addition, as we age, the skin turns dry.

Youthful skin retains its turgor, resilience and pliability due to its high content of water. However, over time, there is a loss of the naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid found in our skin. 

The main function of hyaluronic acid is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist. Each hyaluronic acid molecule has the capacity to attract and hold water molecules. Hence its loss means a loss in skin moisture.

Why choose the Skin Booster Treatment?

If you want something that is minimally-invasive, comfortable, and hydrates from the inside, then this is definitely an option. 

The fast recovery time and easy-after care are the reasons why Skin Boosters are so popular in Singapore and are one of the favourite treatments of patients.​

What is the Skin Booster Treatment?

A popular skin rejuvenation treatment in Korea, Skin Booster, also known as 水光针, is an innovative concept that delivers hyaluronic acid below your skin.


The result is that Skin Booster treatment rejuvenates the skin by enhancing the hydration levels inside the skin tissues. In addition, there is also an increase in elasticity, firmness, smoothness and even some filling out of fine lines and light wrinkles.

How is the product delivered to the skin?


There are two ways of delivering the hyaluronic acid into the skin: manually with syringe and needle, or using an injector device.

At Kin Mun Clinic, the method of choice is the latter, using the established Vital Injector (Korea). This is used to deliver medical-grade hyaluronic acid of the highest quality into your skin. 


Using the injector provides a consistency and precision of dosage and depth that is superior to manual injection. The treatment is also completed more quickly and more comfortably. 


Is the treatment painful?


No. So far, all of our patients have described the treatment as very comfortable. Topical anesthetic cream will be applied on your skin before the treatment to further ensure that you have a pleasant experience.

Can I expect any down time?

There may be some injection marks left behind but most people are able to return straight away with life and activities as usual. Any marks can easily be camouflaged with a thin layer of make-up.

What products or treatments can complement this Skin Rejuvenation Treatment?


- PHA Lotion
- KMC Anti-ageing Cream

- KMC Lipid Serum

- KMC Intense Moisture Serum

- KMC Skin Rejuvenation Treatment with Rejuran

- Collagen Powder supplement

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