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Weight Loss and Body Contouring


Are you keen to reset your life and image on a healthier note?  Tired of carrying around those nasty extra kilos?  Or just keen to get rid of the leftover inches from childbirth or sitting long hours at work?


Good diet and exercise habits are easy to form. Just drinking more water or eating more fruits can cut down dramatically the risk of chronic diseases. 


KMC Weight Management


With proven, safe appetite suppressants and oil/sugar blockers, we will give you the boost you need to jumpstart your new life.


Get going with these small achievable steps:


1. Cut down on sugar and sugary foods

2. Avoid processed and fast food

3. Opt for whole food

4. Hydrate well; water is best

5. Eat more fresh fruit

6. Do heart-healthy aerobic activity

7. Set personal health goals

8. Track your results, seek help if needed

9. Include weight training for bone health

10. Build healthy sleep habits

11. Reward yourself for goals reached


Next time you come to KMC, ask us about weight management.