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Enhancing lives since 1969.


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Door-to-door delivery at your home/office for a reduced fee


At Kin Mun Clinic, besides treating all general medical conditions, we have gained a reputation for effectively treating common skin conditions. 


Contact us for expert advise and treatment of acne, pigmentation, blemishes, scars, weight loss, body contouring and hair loss.


Based in Toa Payoh since 1969, our boutique clinic has treated tens of thousands of patients from all over Singapore, of all nationalities.


Delighted to uphold global medical standards, with a Singapore Heartland Soul.

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Our Strategy:

Cure, Clear, Care

Our patients are all busy people.  


Hence they want to see improvement in the shortest time possible. 

We treat common skin issues with our signature programs to Cure and Clear acne, freckles and other common (but annoying) skin blemishes. These are tailored product applications together with medical in-house treatments.


Cure and Clear is followed by Care Facials to sustain and build on the initial results.

Our Philosophy


Kin Mun Clinic is proud of its heritage. Founded in 1969 by Dr Victor Wee Sip Leong, Kin Mun Clinic has helped tens of thousands of patients achieve their aesthetic aspirations.


Passionate for visible progress and driven by details, Kin Mun’s team of doctors put your needs first by applying a two-step approach, Educate and Enhance. 


Our Team at Kin Mun Clinic focuses on the Education of our patients so that the patients have the fullest understanding of their treatments, and thus, make the best decision for the future of their skin.  We also Enhance our treatments by keeping up with the latest in aesthetics technology and abreast with the latest medical breakthroughs.


Kin Mun Clinic’s commitment is captured by the availability of a wide range of skincare products so that patients can be equipped to take control of the future of their skin.


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